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Eliminate limescale
Reduce energy bills
Fit and forget  

No cutting of pipe work
No power requirement
Lifetime guarantee

Introducing Scale Invader - The number 1 scale inhibitor.

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Scale Invader is a scale inhibitor that gives your whole house protection from limescale. There are no chemicals, no power requirements, no maintenance ever.  Just fit and forget.  You will find your water becomes softer and limescale will not build up on anything in your home.  Forget about expensive water softeners with their running costs and maintenance, this is a 'fit and forget' scale inhibitor.


Lime scale is a problem in hard water areas and can cause havoc to heating and plumbing systems, including all home appliances ranging from kettles, dishwashers, washing machines and boilers.

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In fact scale or as it is also known, Calcite, forms on any heated surface coming into contact with hard water. We all know the consequences, expensive replacements of ‘Scaled Up’ appliances and pipe-work.


Furthermore scale acts as an insulator when it forms on a heat exchanger such as a kettle. The result of this insulating layer means that more energy is required to heat your water. Just think of how much hot water you use in your house and appliances that could be optimised to save money by just fitting our scale inhibitor, Scale Invader.


A kettle with a layer of 1.5mm lime scale will increase running costs by 18%!

Scale Invader modifies the Calcium carbonate in the water to Aragonite, which remains in solution and does not adhere to heated surfaces.

(How Scale Invader works)

An end to encrusted kettles and worse, the scale-clogged pipe-work in combi-boilers and hot water cylinders. Installing a Scale Invader will also make cleaning water marks off shower screens and taps much easier, with just a wipe over with a cloth.


What our customers think

“From working in the skincare aesthetics industry ,I have travelled and come across all aspects of different areas of the UK  of water that is hard and made a negative  impact on my skin and hair.


Where I live in Halstead Essex the water is very hard .I found that the scale invader that has been put into my home especially has made a difference when showering , my skin is not feeling as dry and tight ,my hair not feeling as brittle and the colour has lasted longer .

I have seen that the limescale improve and easier to clean.

Great investment !”

Charlotte Cook

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The Scale Invader is a low cost, maintenance free water conditioner for hard water areas. Fitting a Scale Invader also reduces beerstones for the brewing industry.

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