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Why fit a Scale Invader?

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"I ran a plumbing and heating distribution business for just over 23 years & I sold to plumbers merchants across the UK. Although I had access to all different makes and models of scale inhibitors at cost price, there wasn’t a single one I would use, until now. For the record, I have never seen a product that PROVES it works, so quickly and easily. I can see the scale deposits being lifted from the kettle. That's is special."


What is Scale Invader?

The Scale Invader is a simple, maintenance-free scale inhibitor device, which can be attached to your mains water supply. It uses no power and lasts a lifetime. It solves the many problems caused by hard water, quickly and cost effectively.

What problems are caused by Hard Water?

Perhaps the most obvious hard water problem is the difficulty it causes when you try to get a lather with soap. You have to use a lot more soap with hard water and it also creates a lot more scum. Another problem associated with hard water is that it causes a build-up of lime or scale in a kettle.


If you have scale in your kettle, you are wasting money, because it uses a lot more electrical energy to heat a kettle element when it is covered with scale. These are just the scale deposits we can see. Unfortunately, there is a much more serious problem caused by scale that we can't see - in your central heating boiler and hot water cylinder - all of which, our scale inhibitor will improve. And a build-up of scale there really does cost you money. See diagram as a guide.




How it works: Services
How it works: Services

How does a Scale Invader stop this build-up?

The Scale Invader is attached to your mains water supply. Unlike competitive scale inhibitors, no plumbing is required to fit our Scale Invader and fitting it couldn't be simpler. It is clamped to the outside of the supply pipe and it starts working immediately. The Scale Invader is a scale inhibitor which contains very powerful magnets, arranged in a specific way to affect the minerals in the water as it flows through the pipe. No pipes need to be cut to be installed.


As the water passes through the magnetic flux created by the Scale Invader, the calcium solids in suspension are modified from calcite (lime scale) to aragonite. When these newly changed dissolved solids come in contact with heated surfaces, instead of hard calcite forming, the aragonite remains in suspension.


Once the Scale Invader has been installed, not only will it prevent future build up of scale, it will actually start to break down scale which has already formed. This change may be observed in a kettle. The benefits of our Scale Inhibitor are quick to notice. There are no running costs involved with using Scale Invader. Our scale inhibitor device will save money on your heating bills and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint which affects the environment.

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The proof is in the numbers....









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Scale Invader - Invader House, 35 Hawkwood Road, Sible Hedingham, Halstead, Essex. CO9 3JR
Tel: 01787460625 / 07929 930329

The Scale Invader is a scale inhibitor device. It is a low cost, maintenance free, hard water treatment solution for lime scale build up and takes just 60 minutes to fit.
It also reduces beerstones for the brewing industry. 

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