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I just wanted to thank you for the recent supply and installation of your amazing Scale Invader Units in our new manufacturing facilities.

Having been a loyal customer now for nearly 4 years, I can honestly say the product put simply does exactly what you say it does. I originally contacted you due to continual water-boiler breakdowns due to scale and, having gone through 1 boiler per year, was at the end of my tether.

From start to finish with your demonstrations and knowledge I was impressed, but ‘the proof of the pudding.....’, as they say, and since the very first Unit was installed I have never looked back, I now have them in each of my manufacturing factories and warehouses and have had no scale problems since.

Scale Invader is an amazing invention and a credit to you and your company; I cannot recommend Scale Invader enough to everyone.

Again many thanks for providing a permanent, cost effective solution to the dreaded scale.
Eat Natural

George Fenn
Operations Director
Eat Natural

After our initial meeting and chat about Scale Invader, it was good to meet you again and get to see the product 'close up'.
As we discussed, I ran a plumbing and heating distribution business for just over 23 years. I sold to plumbers merchants across the UK and distributed plumbing related products for various UK companies....including those who sold and manufactured 'scale inhibitors'.
The reason I 'quoted' scale inhibitors above, is because I always felt this was a product that could never REALLY be proved. We sold them but proving they worked was difficult. As we discussed when we met, this type of product has always been shrouded in a little mystery and doubt. As further evidence, although I had access to all different makes and models at cost price, there wasn’t a single ‘scale inhibitor’ in my house....until now.
I'd like to say, for the record, I have never seen a product that PROVES it works, so quickly and as easily as you demonstrated. Not only can I see and understand that the scale is being inhibited...I can also see the scale deposits being lifted from the kettle. That's something special.
Thank you for your time the other day. In my opinion, you have a product that DOES work and works very well.

Paul Turton
Domestic Customer

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